Frequently asked questions

How much does Tankscout cost?

Please see our Tankscout pricing page.

How does Tankscout work?

Please see our How Tankscout works page.

Who installs the Tankscout unit?

Trained Tankscout engineers will install and test the unit for you.

What if I run out of oil?

The premise of Tankscout is that you should not run out of oil. We are alerted when your fuel  falls below the trigger level and an order is raised in our fuel delivery system.

Can you arrange automatic deliveries for me?

Yes, Tankscout works best when operated with a top up scheme, call us on 01666 511220 for more information.

What if Tankscout stops working?

In the unlikely event of a fault we will send an engineer to diagnose and correct the problem. If you wish to report a fault please call 01666 511220 or click here to contact us.

Is Tankscout the same as a Watchman?

No, Tankscout uses wireless GPRS technology to send accurate tank readings. No additional cabling or devices are required.

How long will I have to wait to receive my Tankscout?

Delivery and installation usually takes up to 4 weeks to complete.

What if I don’t have a good mobile signal at my location?

Tankscout works on a lower strength signal than mobile phones, so you do not need a good signal at your location. There will, however, be some locations where we cannot receive a signal from our service provider. In this instance, unfortunately we will not be able to offer the Tankscout service.

Why should I have a Tankscout?

Please see The benefits page

How do I view my tank levels online?

If you are already registered login here
If you would like to view a sample of what you can expect please click here.

What if I have multiple tanks?

If you have more than one tank please contact our customer service team on 01666 511220 to discuss installation of multiple devices or click here to contact us.

Does Tankscout require any regular maintenance?

No, Tankscout does not require any maintenance.

Do I need to be present when the Tankscout is installed?

Providing that access to the tank is available you do not need to be present for installation to take place.  We will always call you before installation, with details of the process and to confirm the location of your tank.

What if I move premises?

Please inform your local depot and we will terminate the Tankscout contract and collect any payments owed to us. We can arrange to re-install your Tankscout unit at your new premises.

What happens after three years?

We will contact you two months before your third year is due to end and offer you a further contract with Tankscout.

How do I change the Alert level?

Please contact us using the contact form to request changing the alert level for your tank.