Smarter tank monitoring

Harnessing the latest advances in mobile phone and tank gauging technology, Tankscout offers a smarter way to monitor your latest fuel or lubricant levels.

Innovative, flexible and informative, our Tankscout system enables you to view a single tank at one site or multiple tanks across a number of locations.

Utilising a one-piece wireless unit which fits onto your oil tank, Tankscout accurately measures the contents of your tank and updates your latest levels on a daily or weekly basis.

This data is communicated to our online monitoring system, giving you full access to your latest readings via PC, smartphone or tablet.

With Tankscout, you'll receive regular email notifications of your latest tank levels, as well as alerts when your oil drops below a specified trigger threshold, reducing the risk of costly run-outs.

A complete fuel management system, Tankscout helps you to better understand and manage your consumption over time, eliminates the need for manually dipping tanks and reduces the number of deliveries to sites.

Key benefits


What can Tankscout measure?

Our Tankscout monitoring service can be used to measure the contents of:
• Fuel tanks
• Lubricants and AdBlue tanks
• Water tanks
• Fertilizers and liquid farm additives

For further information on how our tank monitoring service could help your business, please contact us.


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