How Tankscout works

[1] Tankscout uses a single, one-piece, wireless device installed on your tank. Included in all of our service packages as standard, installation of the device is quick and easy, and handled by our trained engineers. No cabling, wiring or additional equipment is needed.

[2] The device measures the level in your tank on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your requirements. Our Tankscout devices utilise either advanced probe or ultra-sonic technology to measure tank contents.

[3] Using the device's built-in SIM card, this data is communicated to our online monitoring system. Here, you can login via desktop computer or mobile device to view your current tank levels. Our platform also allows you to centrally monitor multiple tanks and report on your usage history, helping you to efficiently manage your fuel or lubricant supply, and make cost-saving decisions.

[4] The data is used to send you regular email notifications of your fuel levels. Our depot staff are also alerted when your tank is at the optimum level for refill to help ensure you don't run out.

Pricing and packages