The benefits

Greater understanding
Tankscout offers full monitoring of your fuel levels, helping you to better understand and manage your fuel consumption over time.

Remote access
Access your latest tank readings on your desktop PC, or on-the-move on your tablet or smartphone.

Peace of mind
Receive alerts when your tanks hit a specified trigger level, as well as regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels.

Regular updates
Receive regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels.

Centralised monitoring
With Tankscout's online monitoring system, you'll be able to check and manage multiple tanks from a single user account.

Fully managed service
Tankscout combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding service from both your local Watson depot, and the Tankscout customer service team.

Refills, when you need them
Tankscout can also link with the Watson Fuels group's fuel delivery system and auto top-up services, allowing for timely deliveries to ensure you always have enough fuel.

Pricing and packages