Knowing a refill is there when you need it

Would you like a stress free way of managing your home heating oil supply? We can help ensure you have one less thing to worry about with the new Tankscout fuel monitoring system.

Helping you ensure you never run out
 Tankscout links into our fuel delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below the trigger level, an order is raised for your next delivery.

Peace of mind is only a click away
 Tankscout gives you access to your latest fuel tank readings online. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each week and give you a greater understanding of your home heating oil consumption.

What does it cost?
 There are three ways to take advantage of Tankscout;
1. A monthly subscription fee of £8* over a contracted period of 3 years.
(Only available to customers on our Monthly Payment Scheme.)
2. A subscription of £95* per annum billed yearly in advance. This is for a minimum of three years.
3. A one off payment of £270* which includes 3 years of service charges.
*all prices are inclusive of VAT.

 Order now
It couldn't be simpler, just complete the contact form or call us on 01666 511220 .We will then contact you to confirm that your information is correct and arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been successfully installed, we will let you know how and where you need to go to access your readings online.