Frequently asked questions

How is Tankscout installed?

Installation by trained service engineers is included as standard within all of our all service packages. To help ensure that installation is quick and ease, you will be asked several questions relating to your tank when signing up to the service. There will be no need for the engineer to enter your home.

Does the device need to be connected to an electrical supply?

No. Tankscout is a single, one-piece, wireless device. No cabling, wiring or additional equipment is necessary.

Does Tankscout require regular maintenance?

No. Once installed, the device requires no regular maintenance or servicing. The device's internal battery life is typically five years.

Do I need a strong mobile phone signal in my area?

Tankscout functions on a lower strength signal than mobile phones, so you do not need a good signal at your location. In areas of weak signal, an additional Low Signal Assistance bolt-on can be utilized to help the device communicate effectively.

What if my device stops working?

Faults will be detected by our Tankscout customer service team. In the unlikely event of a fault we will send an engineer to diagnose and correct the problem at no additional cost to you, providing you are within the contracted period.

Who can I contact for further information?

For questions or queries, please send us an enquiry, or contact the Tankscout customer service team on 01666 511220

How do I view my tank levels online?

If you are already registered login here
If you wish to register for Tankscout please contact us on 01666 511220 or use the contact us form here.

What if I have multiple tanks?

If you have more than one tank please call the Tankscout customer service team on 01666 511220 to discuss installation of multiple devices or click here to contact us

How do I change the alert level?

By default, your alert or 'trigger' levels are set at 30% of your overall tank capacity, however this can vary depending on your daily / weekly usage. If you wish to change your trigger level, please contact the Tankscout customer service team on 01666 511220 or click here to contact us.